Provisioning your boat for sailing charter in Croatia

When you charter a yacht in Croatia, you will also need to provision it. There are three basic ways you can provision your boat for sailing vacation


Provisioning your boat for sailing charter in Croatia

When you charter a yacht in Croatia, you will also need to provision it. There are three basic ways you can provision your boat for sailing vacation:

  1. Charter company - Some charter companies will provision your sailboat for you. (at their prices of course.) They usually have a form where you fill out any food preferences, allergies, number of people, etc. The advantage of this method is that they have a lot of experience with provisioning boats and you are unlikely to end up missing something important. The disadvantage is that you will pay more.
  2. Order in advance – yacht provisioning shop online. This is what we recommend. You order online from one of the local grocery stores a couple of weeks (or days) before your trip and they deliver everything to your boat at the time you specify. You can always follow up with a phone call to make sure they got your order.
  3. Grocery Store - you can go to the grocery store once you are in Croatia in the marina. You can take a taxi to the city and back to your boat, depending in which marina you will be checking in. If you decide to shop once you get there, it’s always better you make ‘to buy list’ in advance. It’s not that easy to just stop by the grocery store for something you forgot during the week because that mostly depends of your sailing route. There is usually a small grocery store on each inhabited island.

Provisioning your boat for sailing charter in Croatia

What groceries should you buy for your sailing trip in Croatia?

  • Breakfast - take lots of easy to eat foods like milk and cereal, bagels, english muffins and toast bread, eggs and lots of fruit.
  • Lunch - take enough sandwich fixings for the week and lots of seasonal vegetables like fresh tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and other veggies for making quick and great fresh salads. As it’s not so nice to eat a sandwich every single day, and as you will be often at the beach, you can also have some lunchs out on land. Stick to easy foods for lunch like pasta or chicken/tuna salads as you will probably sail or moore somewhere that sea might not be always calm.
  • Dinner - You can make easy dinners by centering them in cockpit or simply go out for dinner. That’s what most people prefer to do.
  • Drinks - take lots of water. The golden rule is minimum 1.5 liters/person/day. You will probably never drink that much but water is inexpensive. You will definitely end up drinking more juices and beer than you do at home. And don’t forget the coffee if you are a morning coffee drinker! Your boat will most likely have at least the most simple kind of coffee maker.
  • Snacks - Don’t forget to bring lots of snacks – food that is easy to get out when you are hungry while in a hurry. Snacks are especially good at happy hour, after of swimming and snorkeling while you are waiting for everyone to get cleaned up and for dinner to be ready. Salami, cheese with some olive oil and olives are always welcome.
  • Condiments - There might be salt and pepper on the boat, but unless you have the charter company which does the provisioning for you, you shouldn’t count on things like basic spices, mayonnaise, ketchup, etc.
  • Spices - If you use a lot of spices, you might want to consider bringing some from home. Put them in small zip locks which are also packed very easily and it will save you money instead of buying full size spice containers for a week’s trip. Premarinating food at home will also take less spices.
  • Supplies - Don’t forget things like paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, garbage bags and zip lock bags!

Provisioning your boat for sailing charter in Croatia

Take in consider that refridgerators on boats are not the same as the one you have at home! They have no exact temperature cooling abilities. They only cool when the motor is running so consider that your fridge may not keep everything as cold as you like. The fridge and freezer are often combined. So, start out with lots of ice in your cooler and fridge, run your engine every day to cool off the fridge or go to places which are equipped with electricity.

Provisioning your boat for sailing charter in Croatia

The golden advice - plan ahead. If you order from the grocery store, in case they don’t have the brand or exact item you ordered, they will try to find a substitute for you.
Think about the trash. You are going to have to carry your trash with you until you find a place to take it. Canned beers and drinks are better than glass bottles.
Don’t leave the trash in the sea or nature behind you. Keep the environment clean.
Plan ahead, have fun and don’t worry, you’re on vacation
If you forget something really important, you’ll certainly find a place to get it or to get a substitute.

Provisioning your boat for sailing charter in Croatia

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