Your Idyllic Sailing Holiday on a Chartered Boat

What are your upcoming holiday plans? Why not book a sailing holiday and charter a boat along the sunlit Croatian coastline?

Learn the benefits of a chartered boat holiday


There are endless benefits to sailing a chartered boat around Croatia. Not only can you connect with your favourite group of people on board, but you can also get closer and be one with nature without harming it.

This environmentally conscious way to travel is specifically tailored to you.

Think about it. Chartering a boat is the most exclusive way to sail in that it’s perfectly matched to your interests. In Croatia there is a plethora of islands to discover. By using a boat rental service, you can chop and change where you stop, explore and uncover new and exciting experiences – it’s totally up to you.

Sure, we might be biased, but we still believe that chartering a boat is one of the greatest holidays you will ever have. There’s warm winds, pristine blue Adriatic sea and, of course, the thrill of the unknown that’s about to unfold.

Relaxation, exhilaration and freedom with endless possibilities are just some of the reasons you need to charter a boat for your next sailing holiday.

Not quite sold on the idea just yet? Stick around while we explore the benefits of chartering a holiday boat.



What is a Boat Charter?

So, what is a boat charter? Basically, it is the ability to hire out a boat or vessel. You can choose to a bareboat charter, which is simply renting out a boat as is (fully equipped, of course), without a skipper, or choose to have a skippered charter.

That’s all there is to it. Now that you understand what a boat charter is, let’s jump to the good stuff.



The Benefits of Chartering a Boat

A Sustainable Holiday

One of the biggest benefits we have seen since the start of the pandemic was how the air cleared due to the fact that more people stayed at home and there was less pollution in the air. Chartering a boat on holiday, particularly a sailboat is an environmentally conscious idea in that you harness wind power.

If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint, choosing to sail around Croatia is the eco-friendly choice and also causes minimal disturbance to the underwater marine life.



Get Back to Basics

We live in a customer-central world, where everything is catered to making out lives easier and more practical. Basically, we’ve become accustomed to receiving things as soon as possible, and a lot of the time, on a silver platter.

When chartering a boat, there is still something very much raw about this activity. There is nothing out there separating you from the laws of nature except for your chartered boat. It promotes a set of traditional skills that will leave you feeling extremely accomplished afterwards.

A Holiday on Your Terms

It can be difficult to synchronise with people when it comes to setting holiday dates. There are many that have work, family and many other commitments. But when you set down dates for your chartered holiday, that’s it. There’s no more to it.

The rest of your trip solely depends on how long you’ve got, the weather, and where you want to do. Don’t like the spot that you initially wanted to stay three days in? No matter, onto the next.



Similarly if you fall in love with that quaint Croatian island village that is very much like the latest Mama Mia movie (hint: it probably is), you can stay there for an extra three days. The point is, it’s all up to you and the people on board. There is no strict itinerary you have to abide by.

No Experience Necessary

Remember how we mentioned feeling accomplished after taking on mother nature by chartering a boat in Croatia? The best news is that you don’t need to have any prior sailing or boating experience, as you can always hire a skipper.

This option will leave you completely free to enjoy your holiday to the max. So, sit back and enjoy the ride and let someone else do the heavy steering for you. An extra benefit of hiring a skipper is that these guys know every nook and cranny of the Croatian coastline meaning that they will be able to take you to the secret hideaways you wouldn’t have known about.


A Family Affair

When we think of children, certain associations pop up automatically. These include social media, online computer games, virtual reality and Tik Tok challenges. While kids love getting online and communicating with their friends virtually, there is no question that there is a definite downside to being constantly connected.

Risking health issues like obesity, sleep problems, negative school performance, eating disorders and mental health issues, chartering a boat on the Adriatic is the opposite of what they’ve become accustomed to.

Watch your children revel in getting in touch with mother nature, enjoying the sun hitting their face every morning and gain new skills while snorkelling, diving and paddle boarding around the Croatian coastline.



The health benefits of such a holiday on your children is immense and there is nothing quite like it. Best of all they will forever have these holidays etched in their memory as some of the most precious moments spent with their family, and there is nothing better than knowing you’ve contributed to their well-being.

An Action Filled and Relaxing Holiday

You spend your days running from point A to point B, whether it’s for work, taking your children on school runs, sports activities, grocery shopping, chores, paying the bills – it’s all too much, isn’t it?

Wouldn’t it be glorious to just stop and enjoy your surroundings as well as the people closes to you? Wouldn’t it just be everything you need to recharge those batteries and get back to the things that really matter in life?

If the answer to these questions is yes, we cannot recommend a charter holiday in Croatia more.

You will have an abundance of fresh air, sunny days and that vitamin sea your body and soul so greatly desire. The views, we can’t even begin to describe, as we cannot do them justice – so you’ll just have to come and see them for yourself.

One thing we know for sure is that you will not be disappointed. When it comes to your chartered holiday on the Adriatic, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We at Asta Yachting will make sure of it.


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