Why yacht charter is the safest kind of vacation

Did you know that the pandemic has highlighted sailing and boating as one of the safest ways to spend a vacation? That's right, sailing on a boat gives you the opportunity to enjoy undisturbed and carefree time in the selected company of your family and friends.

Why yacht charter is the safest kind of vacation

The 2020 and 2021 seasons were both characterized by uncertainty and pandemic-related restrictions. One of the things these two seasons have brought to light is how safe, secure and private a vacation on a chartered yacht is.

In your search for activities to do with your loved ones, we are sure you have come across some recommendations for sailing in Croatia. Have you ever imagined what a wonderful experience it is?

Did you know that the pandemic has highlighted sailing and boating as one of the safest ways to spend a vacation? That's right, sailing on a boat gives you the opportunity to enjoy undisturbed and carefree time in the selected company of your family and friends.

Private and peaceful

In recent years, the term "safe travel" has taken on a new meaning. Safety in the sense of hygiene and disinfection has become one of the most important things when traveling and reaching the desired destination.

The fear of the pandemic has created some specific priorities and even new rules that travellers have carefully researched. The decision of where to travel has even been made according to where it is safe to travel, i.e. where is the healthiest and safest place.

Croatia has shown here that it is a top travel destination in this regard as well. For years it has been a must-visit destination for experienced sailors and beginners alike, but in these few seasons it has risen to the top of the list of safest Mediterranean countries.

Imagine a private vacation on a sailboat or motorboat with your closest family, just enjoying the tranquillity, undisturbed by all the restrictions or pandemic rules. We are sure that time spent without any stresses and rules of the outside world sounds absolutely sublime. And it certainly is. If you want a quiet vacation full of free time in the safest way possible, then renting a yacht in Croatia is just what you need.



Time to get closer

Imagine finding peace in the company of your loved ones after a long year of restrictions and anxieties. Imagine waking up every morning to beautiful sunrises and watching one of the most enchanting sunsets in the world while sipping a glass of wine. Sailing in Croatia gives you the opportunity to experience all of this and much more.

But the most important thing the pandemic has brought us is the realization of how important people are in our lives. The time you spend with them is irreplaceable, and so everyone has been looking for new ways to reconnect with them.

There is no better way than chartering a yacht and spending a nice vacation on the Croatian coast. And what a coast it is, we can tell you. If you have not experienced Croatia this way yet, do not wait any longer. The Croatian coast is one of the most beautiful places you will ever visit, and when you see it from the other side, the seaside, everything appears in a different light.

Being close to the people you cherish, in a safe environment, while visiting some of the most beautiful Croatian islands and beaches, will surely give you unforgettable memories.



Opportunity to explore

If you are looking for a different kind of vacation, one full of fun and activities, then don't hesitate to charter a vessel with an experienced skipper and put your worries aside. A skippered yacht offers you the opportunity to relax in the truest sense of the word, and you will surely discover all the benefits that a sailing vacation can bring.


The Croatian coast offers you a lot, whatever your preferences are. But in this pandemic situation seclusion and safety are the best way to go. Even if you want to spend some time away from people, there are many secluded bays on the Croatian coast where you can anchor and simply enjoy the sound of the waves and the song of the seagulls.

There is also open sea where only a few stray dolphins will keep you company. But do not forget that the Croatian Adriatic is one of the most unique places you have ever seen. Its well-indented coastline with numerous islands and national parks is often called a nautical paradise. In our humble opinion, there is no better place than the Croatian coast, but you will have to see for yourself. The best way to explore the coast at your leisure and at your own pace is to rent a boat and leave all your worldly problems ashore.



Safe and secure

All the above have led to only one conclusion: Chartering a yacht is the way to go. The "new normal" has brought certain changes to all of us, which we are slowly accepting. But life goes on, and the need to travel, explore and to set sail will always remain. And in recent years, even more so.

People have become more open to new experiences but coupled with a sense of security and a need for trust. Trusting an experienced charter company is easy because they are transparent in what they do.

You can always see with your own eyes how much effort and ultimately love they put into their vessels. Croatia is no exception to this, as it has been the most trusted vacation destination for years.

This trust has only increased even more in recent years, as charter yachts are the first choice when it comes to spending a safe and secure vacation. The ability to book quickly and easily, and the excellent choice of superbly maintained vessels have meant that yacht charters are on everyone's bucket list.

The adventure you experience in navigation will change your idea of a successful vacation forever. But the feeling of being safe and comfortable in the privacy of your own rented yacht cannot be compared to any other way of spending your holiday.

Time will show that the sailing experience has changed, but some things will remain unchanged. Charter yachts will always be a way to get together with others or escape from it all, because they offer all the possibilities in one. The way to spend a holiday in a safe way will certainly be in demand for some time to come, and yacht charterers will master this domain with their ability to adapt and overcome.


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