What to expect on our 7-day sailing southern route

If in doubt where to go while sailing the Croatian Adriatic, we recommend you our 7-day sailing southern route. An excellent pre-planned sailing trip to all the best locations.

What to expect on our 7-day sailing southern route


Want to make the most out of your sailing vacation? Sail the pre-planned 7-day sailing route and enjoy everything that Croatian Adriatic has to offer.

Ah yes, the day of the vacation has arrived. You are ready to set sail in your chartered yacht, bringing your swimming suit, flippers and loads of sunscreen. But you arrived at the marina and boarded your vessel, and what now?

Do you want to go where the winds take you, or do you want to explore, feel, see, and have the best sailing experience?

If the latter is your cup of tea, so to speak, come aboard as we present to you (drumroll, please) our recommendation for one of the best 7-day routes throughout the beautiful and wonderful islands of central Dalmatia.

But enough with the adjectives, and let's plan for your next best vacation. Sailing vacation, of course. Here is a 7-day route that we imagined would be eventful and that will make your days fly by:

Day 1: Sukošan - Murter (Hramina)
Day 2: Murter(Hramina) - Zlarin
Day 3: Zlarin - Skradin
Day 4: Skradin - Žirje
Day 5: Žirje - Kornati
Day 6: Kornati – Sali
Day 7: Sali - Sukošan


But first, food for sailing

Yes, we know that the main motto of the boy scouts is "Be Prepared", but sailors and charter yacht vacationers are always prepared. Before embarking on a sailing trip in Croatia, planning provisions and bringing enough food for the journey is essential. By being prepared, you can rest assured that they will have everything they need for a safe and enjoyable sailing trip.

When sailing in Croatia, preparing enough supplies for the journey is vital. Several essentials should be taken into consideration before any start of the sailing route.

One of the most important things to remember is to bring enough food and water for the entire sailing trip. This means packing snacks, or even full meals, and plenty of beverages. It is also important to pack food that is easy to store and that will make sure your 7-day sailing route is easier. Why? This way, you won't be bothered by changing your plans or stopping somewhere in a restaurant if you plan to spend your day in a secluded bay or just sailing and exploring.



In addition to food, it is essential to pack sunscreen, hats, insect repellents, and other necessary sun protection items. Packing a first aid kit is also a good idea, but we are sure you already know this. Be sure to pack some warmer clothes as the weather in the Adriatic sometimes tends to be unpredictable.

Now that we have covered all of this, let's get to the critical stuff: all the wonderful places you can visit while sailing our recommended route, from one beautiful island of the Croatian Adriatic to another.


Don't miss making Murter part of your sailing route

Murter as an island and even as a town is quite exceptional. And in addition, Marina Hramina, a beautiful and modern marina located on the island of the same name, elevates the whole Murter experience. The marina offers excellent facilities for sailors, including a well-maintained harbour, a wide range of services, and a great location close to many beautiful sailing routes.

The marina is close to many of the best sailing routes on the Croatian Adriatic, including also the Zadar Archipelago and several National Parks. This makes it the perfect base for sailing trips in the area and offers sailors plenty of options for exploring this beautiful part of the coast.


Visit one of a kind, the coral diving island of Zlarin

Zlarin is an island located in the Split-Dalmatia County of Croatia and situated in the middle of the Adriatic Coast and is one of the most popular sailing routes in the country.

That is so because of two things that make Zlarin stand out: its long history and the other is that Zlarin is known for its coral diving.

Zlarin is known for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, and stunning scenery. Visitors can enjoy various activities on the island, including learning more about the unique history of corals on the isle Zlarin.

But be sure to experience all this beautiful island has to offer and hear all the legends connected to coral diving. Zarin is for sure one of a kind island in the Croatian Adriatic.



Set sail to picturesque and charming Skradin

Skradin is a small town located in the Šibenik-Knin County of Croatia, situated on the banks of the Krka River. Skradin is a popular tourist destination, thanks to its natural beauty and the fact that it is a fantastic sailing spot.

The Krka River is a popular destination for sailing and boating enthusiasts and offers several scenic routes that are perfect for enjoying the area's natural beauty. The town of Skradin is also located close to the Krka National Park, which is home to a number of beautiful waterfalls and other natural attractions.

Skradin is a beautiful town in a picturesque setting. It is the perfect destination for anyone looking to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing holiday in Croatia. We promise that you will not forget Skradin so soon.



Don't forget Žirje, an island with more coves than you can explore

Žirje is a great place to visit if you're looking for peace and quiet, and it's a beautiful spot to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Surrounded by 17 small islands, Žirje has around 30 coves and a couple caves that you can visit. So yes, Žirje is undoubtedly a pretty interesting island to put on your sailing map.

Located in the Šibenik Archipelago, it is a smaller island with only one small town that inhabits around 100 people. So yes, we can say that its nature is almost untouched.


Sail around one and only unforgettable Kornati

The Kornati archipelago is located near the town of Šibenik and comprises over 140 small islands and islets. The area is a popular sailing destination, and many routes can be sailed, including one that takes you to Vrulje Bay.

The Vrulje Bay is a beautiful, sheltered bay located on the southern side of the island of Kornat. It is well-protected from the winds and is a great place to stop for a while and take in the stunning scenery.

There are some restaurants in Vrulja bay as well as several picturesque houses. This is definitely a great place to relax and soak up the Adriatic sun.

Explore the culture of Sali

Sali is one of those unique places that one remembers for a lifetime, full of life and memorable moments. It is located on Dugi Otok in the Zadar area and has a long history and interesting landscapes to explore.

But the main port in Sali is the place to fill up your supplies and have a leisurely stroll through the town. Maybe explore old olive groves, take a swim, try some local cuisine, and who knows where your day may take you. You are on vacation after all.

And finally, all routes begin and end in Sukošan

We have saved the best for last - our starting and finishing point, Sukošan. One of the typical Dalmatian small coastal places, neither a town nor a village. But it indeed has features of both.

Sukošan and its modern marina will surely fulfil all of your expectations and then some. This small Dalmatian town is filled with rich history and an easy-going way of life. It is also a great location, around which you can organise all of your routes during a sailing vacation.

Enjoy jour sailing vacation, explore as much as you can, but most importantly – have fun!


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