Top 10 activities during a sailing vacation

Sometimes it can be a challenge to fill the time you spend navigating. We present the 10 best ways to spend time sailing with family and friends. Simply put - things to do on a boat.

Top 10 activities during a sailing vacation


Sometimes it can be a challenge to fill the time you spend navigating. We present the 10 best ways to spend time sailing with family and friends. Simply put - things to do on a boat.

You have checked off a box on your bucket list - you are chartering a yacht and go to sailing the Croatian coast. Good for you because we are sure you will enjoy every minute of it.

But if you are spending extended periods of time in navigation, it can be a challenge to fulfill those long summer days. Some may say that when it comes to land-based activities, it's easy, you can choose what you want and it's all good if you have dry land under your feet.

But what about the hours you spend on a boat and how can you keep busy and entertained? A good novel is always a good choice if you are a reader if you want to have your own peace and not be disturbed. You can just relax and enjoy the sun and the breeze of the Mediterranean.

But if you are a social person and have your family and friends on board, especially children, we give you 10 different activities you can do or just give a try on your chartered yacht while sailing the Croatian coast.

1) Games to play

It's not easy to keep kids entertained, especially on longer cruises, such as a sailing trip. We don’t believe that beautiful sights are enough, for adults maybe, but not for children. When they first start sailing, everything they see may grab their attention, but that attention is sure to wane, and you'll find yourself in a bind.

But when it comes to vacations and games, suddenly everyone becomes a kid. There are a few games you can play as a family that will get everyone involved. How about a good old scavenger hunt? Board games are very handy, of course, if you remember to bring them. If not, you can always get some at a stopover. Playing cards or charades is always a good option. But if that's too old-fashioned for you, you can always choose a selection of online mobile games that you can play with several people.

2) Practice makes perfect

A clever way to entertain yourself and others, but also to make yourself useful, is to play games like who cleans up their equipment first or who makes their bed in the cabin faster.

Not only is this clever, but it's also useful for making the most of the extra time you have on your hands. You can always practise tying knots, and if you cannot, the opportunity to learn has never been better than during a sailing holiday.

If you don't know how just ask your skipper to show you some basic nautical knots. If you are on a sailboat, practise manoeuvring and teach others, under supervision of course, because you never know when it might come in handy.

3) Water sports

The list of sports you can do on the water is huge, and it depends entirely on your preferences and abilities what you will try. Some will be content to paddle slowly on their paddleboard or in a kayak.

But some of the more adventurous among you will certainly want to try water skiing or wakeboarding. They say that any sport on land can also be a water sport, so let your imagination run wild. Make it a challenge to figure out which sport is more interesting and fun for your friends and family. Find new ways to play sports, and that's how you'll find new activities.

4) Make it a fun challenge

Make every activity a challenge, whether it's swimming or target shooting, challenges for the deepest free dive, the best jump or even the worst jump.

Challenging and fun activities are sure to leave you with fond memories. Together with your family and friends, you can play all kinds of games on the beach, in shallow water and even underwater. If you are a group that loves a good challenge, a sailing vacation in Croatia can be a real test of your creativity.

5) Explore the underwater world

Explore the underwater world while freediving and snorkelling for fun, but also to experience something new and different.

Make sure you have taken all the precautions and do a safety check of your equipment if you are using one. The best part is that you do not have to do much preparation for this type of activity, you just jump off your chartered yacht and you are in. Under the surface of the beautiful and clear Croatian Adriatic Sea.

You can enjoy the underwater world and see some magnificent flora and fauna. The underwater world is an indescribable experience, so snorkel and dive as often as you can, because you can't have these experiences in your everyday life.

6) How does the calamari taste? It's ex-squid-sit, thank you.

Pardon the pun, but we saw an opportunity and decided to take it. But this has to do with our next topic, and that is - have you ever tried your hand at fishing?

Croatian coast is still full of all kinds of local fish, shells, and crustaceans. There are special tools and techniques to catch certain types of fish and shellfish, and it can be fun to learn and try them out. If not, just remember that it is always a good opportunity for you and your friends and family to try fishing in Croatian waters. You don't have to eat a sumptuous lunch, but you will surely have fun.

7) Change your environment

We are pretty sure that a holiday on a motorboat or sailing yacht will not get boring anytime soon, but if you want a change of scenery, you can always do that. Spend a day away from your yacht, try camping, sightseeing or stay in a small local hotel.

You can also do this when a storm is coming, because such storms, although not so common, can also occur on the Croatian coast. Take the opportunity to see something new and interesting every time you dock, as the Croatian Adriatic offers some of the most beautiful views and historical sights. If you are sailing with your partner, a romantic dinner overlooking the sunset in the front row on your chartered yacht will be a memory that will stay with you for a lifetime.

8) Don't forget what the doctor recommended

When you vacation on a chartered yacht or sailboat, it doesn't mean you want to forget your daily routine. Unless, of course, your routine does not consist of running 10 miles at 5am.

You can always stretch, do yoga, and so on. You know - simple exercises like stretching, standing, and toning. Sure, you'll get plenty of exercises while swimming, diving and generally having fun, but don't forget your routine so that at the end of the vacation you don't regret missing out or getting out of step.

9) Take your time and do not forget to breathe

Normally we would not list this as an activity, but... in today's hectic lifestyles and a multitude of commitments, people feel stressed and overwhelmed by obligations. So, remember you are on vacation and all you need to do is take it easy. As easy as possible. No activity is more important than your inner peace, and no sight is more important than your well-deserved break.

10) Create memories and leave reviews

The list of things to do on a boat can be quite long. Make sure all activities are challenging and stimulating enough for everyone to enjoy. The quieter, more introverted members of your family can always learn something less invigorating, such as navigating by the stars. We are sure you will not forget to take plenty of photos and fun videos for your social media, but also don't forget to tag your charter company either. Be sure to leave a nice five-star review, because in most cases, it's to their credit that you have the best vacation ever. And here is another one for the road: How do shellfish take photos? With a clam-era! :)

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