Spend perfect 14 days on Croatian islands cruise

Croatian coast is truly unique and quite fabulous, if we may say so. But sometimes, it's best to have a planned route to experience as much as possible and visit all the best locations.

Spend perfect 14 days on Croatian islands cruise


Looking for a unique and exciting way to spend your vacation? Consider Croatian islands cruise on a chartered yacht! Croatia is a sailor's paradise with its soaring mountain ranges, pristine turquoise waters, and quite a number of lush and picturesque islands.

Sailing the Croatian coast offers the best of both worlds – you'll get to explore a variety of top Croatian islands, each with its own one-of-a-kind character, while also having the convenience and flexibility of freely sailing. You'll also experience the stunning Croatian coastline up close and personal.

If you are looking for a trusted charter company that can offer everything you had in mind, be sure to contact us to find a vessel or route best suited to your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Croatian island cruise today and explore some of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic!


How many islands does Croatia have?

Well, Croatian people have so many islands that they really don't know how many there actually are. It's no joke. There has been some contradictory information because different sources have different information. But in the end, like the people usually do, we will say the highest number.

So, Croatia has around 1244 islands, islets and rocks along its stunning coastline. Out of these, only cca 50 are inhabited. All others are uninhabited but also magnificent in their rugged natural beauty. Croatian islands are well known as tourist and sailing destinations. As many of them can be best explored on a sailing cruise, we recommend you do just that.

One of the best and most convenient ways to see the islands is by motorboat or yacht. Why is that so? Because Croatia is really special and beautiful. Also, the best way to improve your sailing experience is to sail along the coastline. The view is quite unique from the bow of a yacht.



Most beautiful Croatian islands and coastal towns

Do you know what the most beautiful Croatian islands have in common? Well, it's crystal-clear waters and glorious landscapes. Some more, some less but, all in all, they have a lot in common. But each one of them is very much so unique.

Now that you know all that, we will give you some interesting facts about every location on 14 days southern route that we recommend:

1. Sukošan

Known as The Spot for all sailors, Sukošan, with its modern marina, is usually starting point for all kinds of adventures. Mostly known for its big marina, Sukošan is so much more than just an exceptional port. This small Dalmatian town also combines the hospitality of the modern era with the soul of the old Croatian coastal town. You can conveniently sail to any part of the Croatian Adriatic from there.

2. Murter

The bridge connecting land to the island of Murter is most probably unique in the area. But life on this island would look quite different than it does now without the bridge. Today, Murter is where people come to get inspired as it is rich in history and culture. However, rest assured as Murter's Marina Hramina has everything you can need on your Croatian island cruising.

3. Zlarin

Ah, the island of corals, what more can we say? Visit, explore, and enjoy. It may seem like a postcard, but it is true. So rich with culture, the island of Zlarin will not disappoint. Devoted to sailing, fishing and coral diving, this fairylike island also has some 40 berths in a marina. What is more interesting, there is no car traffic on the island. Be sure to explore Zlarin and enjoy all it has to show you, mainly peace and tranquillity.

4. Skradin

Skradin has made itself known far and wide as one of the oldest Croatian towns. But not just by this fact, but by the fact that it's one of the most extraordinary and unique Croatian coastal towns with breath-taking scenery. Skradin has the best combination of long and rich history but is also sort of a gate and first contact to one of the Croatian National Parks, Krka. So, make sure you visit river Krka's extraordinary waterfalls.

5. Primošten

When setting sail to Primošten, ensure you stay to experience the sunset. The city's heart and cultural heritage centre are located on a small peninsula. But the area is mainly known for fabulous vast vineyards and as a nautical haven. Situated in a perfect location in the centre of Dalmatia, Primošten is an excellent spot to enjoy the local cuisine, relax and soak up the sun as much as possible.

6. Hvar and Pakleni otoci

The old town of the same name on the island of Hvar is another popular sailing destination, thanks to its otherworldly natural scenery and Mediterranean atmosphere. But also, thanks to its Pakleni islands. Sailing between the old town of Hvar, this small archipelago is truly a magnificent experience. This exotic nautical paradise with numerous coves makes a perfect spot to anchor and spend the day swimming and exploring.

7. Lastovo

Make sure not to miss Lastovo on your sailing route, one of the least light-polluted places in the world. Lastovo archipelago is also a Nature Park, and we are sure this speaks volumes about the area's beauty. Make sure to take time to take it all in, all the preserved natural beauty. It is said that Lastovo is proof of how well a man can co-exist with nature, and the whole island and the area are a true testament to that.

8. Dubrovnik

What is there to say about Dubrovnik that hasn't been said or seen in movies or series? Well, did you know that Dubrovnik has a cable car that drives you up the Srđ hill where you can have an even more stunning view? No? That's a shame because the drive offers you an incredible view and a one-of-a-kind experience. The old city of Dubrovnik and the whole area are breath-taking, but it's always fun to discover something more.

9. Mljet

What island in the Adriatic archipelago is a definition of the word "unique"? Mljet is! Mljet is the most heavily forested island in the Adriatic and is home to two beautiful salt lakes. The island is a great destination to visit, as it is also a Nature Park and thanks to its peaceful atmosphere, you can spend quite a relaxing time there. Mljet is a fantastic destination worth your time and sailing around.

10. Korčula

Korčula island is known for its incredible medieval architecture, lush vegetation, great wine and most welcoming people. The whole rugged coast of the island offers perfect coves and small local towns for you to explore. One of the most beautiful coves on the island and the Adriatic is Pupnatska Luka. Sailing into it is a sight to be seen. Make the old town of Korčula your stop, even for a glass of great wine.

11. Vis

Vis is an island perfect for those who want to escape it all. The island of Vis is known for its stunning landscapes and is also home to one of the most unique beaches in the Adriatic, Stiniva. It will feel like time has stopped in Vis, and it kind of did. Vis in places still looks as it did a hundred years ago, especially tiny towns of Vis which are so charming you will wish you never have to leave the area.

12. Žirje

If you want to experience a scarcely inhabited and rugged island perfect for a quiet, restful day after day of sailing, Žirje should be your destination. Žirje is an undiscovered gem in the Adriatic archipelago known to most skilled sailors. Its position near NP Kornati makes for a great overture of what's to come. Exploring Žirje and its 29 coves and untouched nature will surely make for a great refuge.

13. Kornati

When sailing through Croatian National Parks and the Kornati in particular, there isn't much one can say about this heaven on earth that will do it justice. Kornati National Park and all of its islands are made for one to see and explore all the glory that nature has bestowed upon us. We have to warn you that you may experience a total sensory overload, as the Kornati are unsurpassed in beauty and magnificence.

14. Telašćica and Sali

After seeing all the beauty of Nature Park Telašćica, your sailing cruise in Croatia will be well-rounded and almost complete. Telašćica is also one of the gems of Croatan Adriatic, filled with flora, fauna, and rich marine life. From there, you can set sail to visit Sali, a picturesque and charming small Dalmatian town on Dugi Otok. There is nothing more left on your Croatian islands cruise than a sense of awe these two locations will invoke.

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