Sailing Croatia 2021: Paradise Rediscovered

We look back at our Croatian sailing adventures in 2021. Share in our memories peppered with a little melancholy and a lot of excitement for the next season.

Thinking Back Yet Looking Forward to the Upcoming Season


We have a confession to make. We’re definitely summer-loving people. By that, we mean that we’re heavily influenced by the sun, sea, long days and endless summer nights.

So, what happens when the night creeps up, faster and faster, shortening those lazy, tepid days? The balmy air turning crisp and frigid.

We throw on a chilled tune, Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey, and set sail for a few hours, looking back on the memories curated in the past season.

It’s been a smooth, smooth ride, and while we cannot help but be a little melancholy that the summer season has come to an end, we look forward to what’s just around the corner.

Want to take a peek into our sailing highlights of 2021? Lucky for you, we have snippets from our secret sailing journal that we logged this year.

Let’s beat those summer blues together and bid farewell to another magical sailing season. A chilled glass of wine is optional.



Sailing Croatia 2021 – Highlights

Cruising the world, there’s not much we haven’t seen. From Cote d’Azur, Cinque Terre, Corsica to Sardinia, Europe has plenty of scenic sights. The Adriatic in 2021 brought with it a sensory overload that is perfect for any yacht or sailing charter.

These are the best bits of our 14-day adventure.



One of the first stops on our trip was Murter. The raw beauty of this national treasure is just breath-taking. Sitting atop the island allowed us to take in countless other islands in the archipelago. The photos of this place are out of this world as are the local figs. The 17th -century architecture is incredibly well preserved.




From bare stone houses to brightly painted ones, Skradin is really something else. There’s a fortress that looms from above which we didn’t get a chance to explore this year, as we had bigger fish to fry. While the fortress waits for next year, we made our way to National Park Krka.



While it was an effort to reach, the waterfalls surely didn’t disappoint. Phenomenal views, pristine water, and gushing sounds were topped off by our going swimming in one of the main waterfalls. An experience that will forever be etched in our hearts and minds.



A playground for the rich and famous, Hvar, as we heard, was not to be missed. After all, this is the spot where Prince Harry fell into a pool, and Beyonce debuted her baby bump. The sunniest spot in the country, Hvar is bursting with the swankiest hotels and ritzy restaurants.

Just one kilometre from the hustle and bustle of this popular island, we found an oasis. A combination of relaxation, tradition and serenity. The quality of the wine is so good, that it gets shipped as far as China and California, the locals boast. And for good reason. Before we knew it, we were packing bottles into our boat for the rest of our trip.

The olive oil is second to none. Apparently, you can find some of the most expensive olive oil on the planet here.



Pakleni Islands

Just off Hvar, we made our way to the Pakleni Islands, or Hell’s Islands. Intrigued, we let our inner adventurists came to the surface as soon as we found out about the nearby Blue and Green caves.

We did have to wait for a while, as it was peak season, but it was definitely worth the wait. The entrance to the Blue cave is around one meter – tiny!

While we were disappointed that you cannot swim in the cave, we understand why. There are boats coming in and out all the time, so it would be quite dangerous to take a dip.




Renowned for its stunning scenery, beautiful beaches and secret grottos to explore, Lastovo has been enchanting visitors for years. We threw ourselves into an active adventure, riding and hiking around the island.

As we found out, Lastovo also has some of the best scuba diving spots that are on offer in the Adriatic, with underwater cliffs plunging hundreds of meters down into the deep blue.




While it wasn’t our first rodeo here, we cannot visit the southern part of the Adriatic without seeing Dubrovnik. There is just a sense of awe that never fails to overcome us when laying eyes upon the walls of the old town.

Capturing the true essence of a medieval Mediterranean town, Dubrovnik is the perfect fusion of old-world culture, picturesque scenery, thriving nightlife and fabulous cuisine. This is one place that never gets old, and always sends shivers down our spines.




Visiting Stiniva beach on Vis has been on our bucket list since forever. The most perfect cove we’ve ever laid eyes upon is almost a complete circle, with a gap of approximately 10 meters that heads out to the open sea.

This spot is only accessible from the sea (unless you’re coming by foot), which makes it a perfect location for the many luxury yachts that make their way there. Taking in the beach, which is lined with large, perfectly smooth pebbles, we struggled with the thought of leaving. This was truly paradise rediscovered.




On our way back to Sukošan, we passed through the Kornati Islands. These mostly barren islands truly are a sight to see. Set against the backdrop of the Adriatic Sea, the 140 islands and islets are hauntingly beautiful, and unlike anything we’ve seen before.



Sailing Inspiration for 2022

A yacht charter is a unique and perfect platform for exploring every remote nook and cranny of the Adriatic. Secret, secluded bays, restaurants with only the freshest seafood around, and sights that you can only otherwise dream up.

While summer has gone by all too quickly yet again, we are grateful for the thrilling experience sailing around the Adriatic has allowed us.

Not only that, it’s time to make plans for next year. A new summer awaits, and with it, promises exciting adventures all along the Adriatic coastline.


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