Ask me anything about charter holiday in Croatia

During all these years, guests have asked us lots of questions, and, as they have become frequent, we have gathered them together and now we want to share them with you. Let’s make your first sailing in Croatia stress free!

Ask me anything: 10 answers to your questions about charter holiday in Croatia


You've surely heard how wonderful experience is sailing in Croatia at least couple of times, and that you just must try it. And finally, you've decided - sailing in Croatia!
You have a crew team, valid license, and a pile of questions in your head. Of course, you need some boat too. We are here to answer all these questions, and we surely have boats to offer!
During all these years, guests have asked us lots of questions, and, as they have become frequent, we have gathered them together and now we want to share them with you. Let’s make your first sailing in Croatia stress free!
There are no surprises, hidden costs, and certainly, there are no stupid questions. Every question is important to us. Here we give you 10 answers to your common sailing questions:


1. How can I find and choose the right yacht for me?


Use the Asta yachting search function on our website to decide which type of yacht you desire and read our blogs and destination info to decide which part of Croatia you want to explore. You can then fill in a request for booking form, or just contact us to narrow your selection, receive proper yacht chartering advice and some current special deals. Even if you cannot find the yacht you are looking for on our website, we will be able to find some similar ones available for you.


Ask me anything: 10 answers to your questions about charter holiday in Croatia


2. What do I need to pack and bring for the yacht chartering vacation?

Sailing season in Croatia lasts from early April to the end of October, and what you wear most likely depends whether you are sailing in the pre/post season or in the high season.
However, it is recommended (as with every vacation) to bring as less luggage as possible. But, your suitcase content depends on the type of vacation you are aiming for.

If you want an active vacation, we recommend you to take more sport clothes, snorkeling gear etc. As a must, you should bring swimsuit, sunscreen, sunglasses and caps/hats, and you also must take something warmer in your suitcase like sweater and a tight jacket. A good windproof jacket is always a good idea.

Also, consider that you will probably go to lunch or dinner at the restaurant, so it would be good to pack something appropriate for that occasion as well.

For more detailed answer read our blog "What clothes to take on a sailing holiday"

Remember to bring any personal items such as passports and IDs as well as medication or personal sport equipment. Soft luggage such as duffel bags instead of suitcases is ideal for fitting into cabin lockers and is generally more practical on a yacht.


Ask me anything: 10 answers to your questions about charter holiday in Croatia

3. What type of activities do you recommend me to do on my yacht charter vacation?


And what to do on sailing holiday when you don’t sail?
The main advantage of a vacation on boat is that you can be at a different location every day. We suggest you diving, swimming, dinghy trips, catching fish, going to dinner or in the disco. If your children are on board with you, organize competitions in the swimming or jumping from the boat. Of course, the evening party on the boat with the guitar is always a good idea, but it is ideal when you are in the lonely bay, because in the marina the noise can bother others.

Apart from chilling out, soaking the sun and swimming, there are many things to do during your great sailing holiday in Croatia. You can also go kayaking, stand-up paddling, or even try yourself at something more adventurous like windsurfing, kitesurfing, rafting on the Cetina river when you are near the town of Omiš. You can go hiking to the Adriatic’s highest peak on the island of Brač, where Mount St. Vid reaches 780 m with great views across the archipelago. The list goes on depending on your charter location. Use our experience to fit in the best type of yacht and location to your desired activities.


Ask me anything: 10 answers to your questions about charter holiday in Croatia


4. What will my itinerary include and where can I sail?


Your itinerary depends on your preferences. If you don’t know, no problem, we have several route suggestions that you can look at here, but whether you choose a boat with a skipper or without it, your route plan depends entirely on your wishes. Of course, it should be noted that some distances are too big and unreachable for just 7 days of sailing because you have to consider the certain number of days of your charter and the time needed for your return to the starting point marina on time. To ensure that your wanted or planned route will be achievable, feel free to consult your plans and wishes with our staff. If you need more information about your chosen charter location, contact us and we will let you know about all the type of attractions that one particular location features.


5. Can I choose which day of the week I begin and end my yacht charter?


The average charter usually lasts 7 days, from Saturday to Saturday. Check-in normally starts on Saturdays from 17.00 h, but ‘Early check-in’ in form of an extra ‘Vip Package’ is also possible on request from 13.00 h when booked on time in advance.
Check-out on Saturdays should be done no later than 9 am because boat has to be checked and prepared for the next client that very same day. In the high season it is not possible to rent a boat for less/more days than Saturday-Saturday, but, in the pre-season we are much more flexible for non-standard charter terms.


6. Which groceries should I buy for my sailing charter?


We advise you to plan your meals and make a grocery list before you leave your starting point marina. In each marina there is usually a market where you can additionally buy what you miss. Do not overdo the quantities because the boat is a small space! Buy eggs or cereals that you can eat for breakfast, salads, meat or fish for lunch, also some snacks and drinks! At dinners you can go out to the restaurants or cook by yourself. Keep in mind that kitchen on the boat is a small place and the boat is constantly rocking from side to side, so it is best to store dishes that do not require long preparation.

For more details read our blog "Cooking on the yacht during your charter"


Ask me anything: 10 answers to your questions about charter holiday in Croatia


7. What’s the weather forecast for my chosen yacht charter period?


When you ask yourself which time of the year is ideal for sailing, experienced sailors will answer you – any time! Each season on the Adriatic is specific and has its advantages, but, if you prefer more wind with pleasant temperatures and less crowds, spring and autumn are ideal choice for you. If you rather prefer enjoying the sea and sun, summer months are ideal for you. If you want to wake up your adventurous side, you can always sail in late autumn months. But, let's suppose your vacation time is limited and mostly scheduled in summer months (July-August). You need to be aware that these two months are the peak of the touristic season in Croatia, when many people visit Adriatic because of sunny days, warm sea with small possibilities of rain so take your time and be patient – after all, you are on vacation!

If you're thinking about sailing in spring (April, May, beginning of June), you must be aware that weather can be tricky, but also beautiful with no crowds. Days are longer, temperatures are pleasant, nature awakens and after long winter time you are ready to feel the warmth of the sun. Autumn (September, October) is a special season for sailing in Croatia, with lower temperatures and still warm sea with needed wind although the days are shorter than in the spring months. This is also the most required sailing time of the year and many charter companies have these months fully booked already 6 months in advance. Make sure you reserve your desired term on time, so you can fully enjoy your sailing trip. If you still have questions or want a more detailed forecast please do not hesitate for contacting us in reasonable advance.


Ask me anything: 10 answers to your questions about charter holiday in Croatia


8. Are there any do-s and don’t-s with yacht chartering?


Like with any kind of traveling, it’s always good to remember that you are visitor in another country or culture. A smile or pleasant greeting will give great results in most areas. Try to avoid being too casually dressed when in town or away from the beach.

You must have a valid personal documents and charter forms such as contracts and crew lists before your embarkation and you must take care of your boat documents while you change your destinations with the boat. It is a good idea to carry your important personal documents and values with you when you leave the chartered yacht for some free time.

There are also some official and unofficial ‘bonton’ manners when you are sailing with your boat, but we are sure you are already introduced with these.


9. What if I want to cancel my charter?


If you, for some reason, want to, or must cancel your charter agreement, you must submit your request in written form (by phone and also e-mail). The date of the written cancelling notification received by Asta Yachting represents the basis for the calculation of cancellation charges in the following way:

- cancelation up to 60 days before the beginning of accommodation service – charges are 30% of the accommodation service price;
- cancelation between 59th and 30th day before the beginning of accommodation service – charges are 50% of the accommodation service price;
- cancelation between 29th day and the day of the beginning of accommodation service – charges are 100% of the accommodation service price.

But, there are some options you can count on: for example, you may, after previously consulting with Asta Yachting, find another person who will assume your rights and obligations. If you don’t find a replacement, the cancellation fee will be charged as stated above.

If the accommodation service is cancelled due to objective reasons (death of a close family member, an accident involving heavy injury, a sudden acute condition requiring immediate medical care, pregnancy complications, military exercise etc.), the paid amount will not be refunded. Instead, the Service User is allowed to use the paid amount for another time period of the current or the next year. It is Service User's obligation to provide an authentic document (proof).

In any case, the purchase of trip cancellation insurance is recommended, which would cover accommodation service cancellation. Trip or Travel insurance covers your group in case of cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances. This insurance will protect you from any loss of cancellation fees.


10. How are the costs and expenses calculated?


the charter feegenerally includes accommodation on technically flawless and clean vessels with full fuel tanks, usage of all vessel equipment, compulsory and comprehensive (Casco)vessel insurance, crew accident insurance, home marina berth, license for sailing in Croatia, vessel concession permit.
The price does not include port fees and other fees charged in other marinas, as well as fuel expenses and the cost of other necessities, car parking, and crew health insurance. The charter fee does not include (optional) crew gratuities, scuba diving, scuba equipment, premium beverages and fine wines, excessive alcoholic consumption, off yacht excursions, dockage, cruising taxes and permits, telephone, airport transfers or similar expenses incurred by the charterer.

Your first sailing in Croatia can be unforgettable!

Do not miss to meet Croatia from the sea, and spend your vacation with family or close friends. Sail the crystal-clear sea, enjoy sailing and pleasant company. Our team will make sure that the organization of this special type of vacation goes as smooth as possible.
We hope that you have read what you are interested in, and you may find out something new. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to answer them for you.


Ask me anything: 10 answers to your questions about charter holiday in Croatia

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